Montreal based producer and singer-songwriter Michael Feuerstack (The Luyas, Bell Orchestre, Wooden Stars) has released a new album called Harmonize The Moon which is out now via Forward Music Group. According to the press release, While Feuerstack arranged and recorded Harmonize the Moon completely solo at his Montreal apartment in the spring of 2020, the songs that compose it were written over the past couple years, on wanderings and tours as well as at home. He embarked on a slow process of balancing the poetic with the narrative, producing songs that flow naturally instead of adhering too rigidly to established forms. The result is a collection that’s pensive but playful, introspective yet generous, and achingly intimate.

The tone is tentatively hopeful throughout. Over deliberately thrummed acoustic guitar and minimal drums, Feuerstack moves slowly and with intention, rendering his transmissions in intimate arrangements and his warm, expressive voice. Harmonize the Moon was mastered by Philip Shaw Bova and features artwork by Paul Henderson.

Listen below.