Recalcitrance is the collaborative album between Utrecht based experimental musician Matthijs Kouw and Belgrade born composer and producer Gagi Petrovic. It is out now via Amsterdam based label Moving Furniture Records. According to the press release, The eight tracks on ‘Recalcitrance’ examine abstract topics that range from metaphysical speculation and psychological investigation to reflections on the process of creation itself.

Taking a shared set of source sounds as their starting point, Matthijs Kouw and Gagi Petrovic invite listeners to trace the common sources of their pieces and to become recalcitrant themselves by experiencing the compositions in ways that defy what Stengers describes as technical rationality. Recalcitrant subjects ask new questions, thereby allowing the currently dominant reductionist mindset obsessed with productivity to be unsettled by space for reflection and quiet contemplation.

Check the full streaming below.