Klangstof is the Amsterdam-based trio lead by musician and singer-songwriter Koen Van De Wardt, the former bassist for the Dutch band Moss. Back in 2016, We introduced them with the debut album Close eyes to exit. Now they have released a new album called Godspeed To The Freaks which is out now via Velveteen Records.

Koen van de Wardt says, “‘Godspeed’ felt like a motivator from the moment we started working on it. The fact that there was no rush meant that we could work without a deadline and take more time discussing things. It went deeper than previous albums. If someone was down or not feeling it, we had time to talk and that all resulted in it being a proper team effort.  

On our previous album we were anxiously trying to figure out what the world wanted us to sound like. That became quite an unhealthy way of working, like we lost confidence in ourselves. A big part of what we achieved was to consciously enjoy what we were doing. A great side effect of that is that you’re not thinking too much about goals in terms of future successes, just the music that we’re making.” 

Check the full streaming below.