We introduced different times Australian artist Kate Carr, now based in London. According to her bio, her work explores our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural and built world. Her music blurs the boundaries between instruments and field recordings, underlining the intersections and overlaps between nature and culture and the myriad of incomplete ways we attempt to make sense of these terms.

She’s back with a new album called Fake Creek which is out now via Flaming Pines. She explains: “This is a live performance of me attempting to sound like an underwater field recording of a creek. It incorporates a tub of water, a straw, nails, beads, bird horns, a whisk, steel wool, a small branch, rocks, a hollow log, a small drum and a zither.
I have spent many years recording waterways, and here I thought to try and sound like one, emulating the snap of shrimp, the grunting of fish, and the mysterious rustles and groans I so often have enjoyed listening to underwater.”

Listen below.