Mexican artist Jesús Antonio Vergara is back with a new work called R Derive Aplysia which is out now via Midira Records. He explains: “The album was first presented as an art installation at festival santa lucia in Monterrey, MX, 2018. It is composed out of field recordings made in Monterrey, various audios from local tv shows, and a lot of sound manipulation in an effort to reclaim beauty out of the city, where a crude popular culture and deeply rooted traditions had never allowed me a true sense of pride or belonging.

The audio sources for R.D.A. were recorded during a long derivé performance. The practice of walking aimlessly through a place in order to submerge deep into its particular experience. This performance aimed at trying to shock my initial rejection towards the city I live in and see if I was able to capture part of its essence.

Other audio sources were taken from prominent local tv shows broadcasted at the time of the performance. they were all then manipulated to create the final result. The derivé allowed for a new and more personal experience of the city’s downtown, it brought up a particular experience that i understood as its personality.”