British composer, musician and sound artist James Murray has released a new album called Careful Now which is out now via Home Normal. It’s the first solo release since 2019. According to the press release, James’ music is always personal; always from the heart. It is this that marks his work out from the majority of today’s electronic-ambient scene and why he stands out as such a highly respected artist amongst his peers. His compositions always feature a carefully constructed and original sound palette, filled with unique melodic elements throughout, no matter whether tending in nature towards darkness or light.

‘Careful Now’ is a radiant, soft-focused work of wide-eyed romanticism and childlike innocence. Deep rumbling bass elements burst open like flood gates into huge synth drone driven melodies and textures fizzing and skittering over the surface of all the depth that continues to resonate below. It is an album of heartfelt humanity and purity of spirit that can indeed ‘draw light’ into our very being as the final track attests.  

Listen below.