Berlin-based sound artist and musician James Ginzburg, better known for his work together with Paul Paurgas for Emptyset project, has announced the release of a new album called Crystallise, a Frozen Eye which will be out on May 7th via Subtext Recordings.

According to the press release, It is a patient, meditative album, built slowly and pointedly around largely repurposed folk instruments. Written in the fall of 2020, it brings up universal themes of isolation, safety and mortality, but traps them beneath a veneer of archeological curiosity. In looking back to the sounds and textures of pre-Christian Europe, ginzburg occupies a space that falls outside of current cultural trends. His music instead reflects our shifting relationship with time, inspiring us to contemplate memory, repetition and stasis.

The album is presented as limited edition short book containing images and three texts that expand on and weave together some of the record’s themes.

Check the excerpts below.