Polish composer, musician and visual-sound artist Jacek Doroszenko has released a new album called Bodyfullness which is out now via Audiobulb and features Ewa Doroszenko. According to the press release, The “Bodyfulness” consists of a series of photographs and musical compositions revealing the potentials and paradoxes of digital intimacy. The work is accompanied by video referring to popular online voice-guided meditations, whose listening is supposed to calm down, relax, or regain concentration. Both visual and sound works are based on recordings of our care and relaxation rituals, evening conversations, meetings, close-ups, including virtual ones – full of digital blurring, distortions, imperfections. Based on the performativity of these activities we experiment with the post-organic body to present audible carnality.

The project is also inspired by popular Internet practices: online guided meditations on the YouTube platform, ASMR session recordings with a multimillion viewership, naive self-improvement tutorials, smartphone apps for meditation and sleep. Despite technological progress, virtualization and digitalization of reality (or maybe because of it?) there is a growing interest in rituals and spiritual practices that allow to reach a state of deeper awareness or at least simulate it.

Listen below.