British singer-songwriter Hollie Cook has released a new album called Happy Hour which is out now via Merge Records. According to the press release, On ‘Happy Hour’, Hollie dares to invite listeners into her true personality which she co-produced with her General Roots band members Ben Mckone and Luke Allwood, and executive producer Youth. “Particularly with the songwriting, I was trying to really push myself and be open, to not be restricted in any way. I have always been a fan of theatrical pop music and wanted to experiment more with the song form.” From her feisty roots, Hollie has only grown. Her soulful directness on ‘Happy Hour’ is relatable and authentic. “I can’t get away from it,” she says. “Making this music that I love, I do turn deep inside myself. It makes me explore a lot of human truths and feelings that we should not shy away from, and it feels like a release to turn them into songs.”

Check the  full streaming below.