Hari Sima is the solo project of Spanish artist Paco León (Güiro Meets Russia/Astropáramo). After his solo debut in 2020, “Fluido Tiempo” (Abstrakce Records), he’s back with a new album called Solo En Occidente which is out now via Objetos Perdidos.  According to the press release, it is an LP where sequences of modular synthesizers, melodies and ethnic percussion combine to mix a palette of sounds that goes through ambient, fourth world and kosmische musik.

The concept of the album stems from the social isolation and loneliness of our current way of life. Inspired by the close reality of this musician, he claims the daily life of the rural environment in which he lives as a way of escape from the vortex of society, making it evident in each cut of the album. With it, Hari Sima, raises the need to get out of society to feel further away from loneliness.

Listen below.