Happy Axe is the project of Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist Emma Kelly. We introduced her in 2018 with the debut album called Dream Punching. Now she has released the sophomore album called It’ll Be Beautiful which is out now via Spirit Level. It was composed with Melbourne-based artist Butternut Sweetheart.

According to the press release, The album’s gentle but generous charm reflects Emma’s own curious and compassionate nature, and each song’s rich sound palette – of found sounds, strings & things – provides the perfect foil for Emma’s light but deeply captivating voice.

On this, her second album, she also reflects on some of the connections and friendships in her life, writing songs that preserve and celebrate her interactions with the people closest to her. Each song comes from a place of deep wonder and respect, offering wisdoms and reflections on life’s fundamentals: our relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with our natural environment.

“This album is about a lot of things: childhood memories, childhood headspaces, old family stories. Listening to my feelings again after a period of being too logical. It’s about rejecting the rationalisation of everything in my life and learning to put my trust in romance and magic again.

It’s for people who like being swept up in experiences, because I love music that does that for me. My hope is that this music reminds people of nature, discovery, and being outside at night.”

Listen below.