Giuseppe Ielasi is an Italian guitar player and composer, also known as co-founder of Fringes Recordings label. He’s back with a new album called The Prospect which is out now via 12k, following his 2020 release Five Wooden Frames. According to the press release, There he returned to the guitar exploring shifting and modulating loops and the interplay of tuning and drifting to create five stark yet ethereal pieces. On The Prospect, Ielasi sticks to solo guitar but this time in a much more pure form. Each of the two pieces consists of parallel electric guitar lines recorded simply through a tube amplifier free of studio tricks or heavy editing.

Like much music written over the past few years The Prospect is reflective and personal. Created during a time of tragic family loss there is clear melancholy in the stark arrangements where spaces between notes become the sounds of searching. Ielasi’s haunting guitar brings us along to a new phase in his life that is as unknown to us as it is to him.

Listen below.