Back in 2014, we introduced Autumn Bells, the stunning debut album of Swedish duo Gidge (aka Jonatan Nilsson e Ludvig Stolterman)Three years after LNLNN, they have released a new album called New Light which is out now via Atmonation.

According to the press release, it features 9 new tracks, a project Gidge has worked on for about 3 years. With this release, Ludvig and Jonatan crossed the seas to find new inspiration in the massive landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, USA. This environment – a place where great mountains, ancient forests, and never-ending oceans meet – helped shape an album that is signature for people that are familiar with the music from Gidge, yet, can be seen as their most eclectic work to date. They refined the production technique on their new album by intensifying the sound palette with analog synthesis and crispy hi-hats. The track “Perimeter” might be the perfect example of this – spanning over exactly 10 minutes, the intensity of the synths in combination with the sharp hats throughout are absolutely fire.

Check the full streaming below.