Ghost Horse is the expansion in sextet of collective trio Hobby Horse, formed in 2010 by Dan Kinzelman, Joe Rehmer, , Stefano Tamborrino. They explain: “Compared to Hobby Horse, Ghost Horse tends towards minimalism, groove, cyclical repetition of patterns. There is ample space for individual freedom, but this space is defined and created by a collective practice, a sonic ritual in which each of us must find a way to join forces for the common good“.

They have released a new album called Il Bene Comune which is out now via HORA Records. According to the press release, omposed during Italy’s second Covid lockdown in the winter of 2020-21 through digital correspondence and face-to-face meetings, the underlying structure of this music hinges on shared familiarity with the basic modules, predominantly simple, repeating motifs. This simplicity allows for significant individual freedom for each member of the sextet (Dan Kinzelman on saxophones and bass clarinet, Filippo Vignato on trombone, Glauco Benedetti on tuba, euphonium, pocket trumpet and flugelhorn, Gabrio Baldacci on baritone guitar, Joe Rehmer on bass and Stefano Tamborrino on drums), however this freedom must be exercised responsibly in order to maintain balance within the greater structure and avoid total collapse or loss of the central message. Individual actions undertaken without due attention and consideration for the common good will cause unforeseen consequences, difficult to predict and manage.

Check the full streaming below.