Francisco Sonur is a music producer, composer and musician, originally from Argentina, and at the moment located in Sydney, Australia. He has released a new album called Morning Trials which is out now via Time Released Sound. According to the press release, it is a gentle excursion into the heart and mind of a man, his family, and their impending intention to travel the world.

He explains: “This album was composed in a garage where we lived for a while, perhaps the most difficult moment of our life, but always with the hopes intact that better times will come! We alternated recording with homeschooling, and trying to arrange ¨spirit¨, the bus that would take us around Australia! In the album you can hear the voice of Sara, my daughter, in several tracks, as well as the voice of Migret. The album ended up being the most ¨family¨ project I have recorded to date, it is full of ¨imperfections¨, but I preferred to keep it that way…simple…homemade… warm!”

Check the full streaming below.