London-based, experimental electronic artist and producer Elsa Hewitt has released a new album called Lupa which is out now via Cargo Records. According to the press release, her music merges currents of electronica, avant-garde, lo-fi house, future garage, hip-hop and dream pop with a hazy textural ambience.

The new album is an ode to the kingdom of life and nature; a prayer for searching souls; and a purifying journey covering a spectrum of intensely felt sentiments. A process which started in 2019 having been asked to write a song in response to suicide having lost a number of friends the same way, Hewitt had to dig deep into her own psyche and ask questions about her own issues with anxiety and depression and this thought process continued and kept developing resulting in ‘LUPA’. “It was a long progression and a lot of other things had to happen at the same time and it really made me face things within myself that I hadn’t been willing to face before. 2020 forced me to look at myself on the inside and it helped me let go of some things and turn around negative patterns and understand how your thoughts and mind influence the way you feel,” she says.

Check the full streaming below.