Drone San is the new project of musician and sound designer Nicola Pedroni (active for over fifteen years, also along many European festivals) and pianist and composer Andrea Sanna. We introduced them with the track “Ornamentalities“; now they have released the self-titled debut album which is out now via Horribly Loud Records and it is accompanied by a silent book created by the illustrator Yoshi Mari.

According to the press release, The album was recorded in Sardinia, mainly during the summer period, between the walls of a studio, but also in the woods and even into the depths of the so-called domus de janas, typical prehistoric chamber tombs carved into the rock. Great Ancients and extraterrestrial creatures, the shadow of Cthulhu and the strange lights emanating from UFOs, go hand in hand in duo’s imagery, strongly influenced by science fiction, starting with H.P. Lovecraft, and by post-apocalyptic but hopeful atmospheres.

Based between Cagliari and Florence, met by chance in a jazz club, Pedroni (drums, percussions, synths) and Sanna (piano, keyboards, synths) have entirely written, arranged, produced and played Drone San, a blend of radical improvisation and real process of composition, of analog and digital instrumental textures, in a temporal clash between ancestrality and highly technological future.

Listen below.