Departure Street is the project of the French/ American, Paris-based solo electric guitar player Allan J. Kimmel. His sound merges rough ambient lines and neo-folk music. He’s back with a new album called Walking On Earth which is out now via Somewherecold. According to the press release,  It is his first project that incorporates keyboards along with guitars among the tracks.  

The album, Walking On Earth, was conceived as a journey across a troubled planet, opening with a departure and ending with an arrival.  The album was recorded primarily with two guitars (vintage Fender Stratocaster and Gretsch Electromatic G5422G 12-string), Yamaha YPT-370 digital keyboard,  looper pedals, and G1X4 Zoom and Boss GT-1 multi-effects pedals, through a vintage Epiphone Triggerman 60dsp amplifier.

Listen below.