Singles is the collaborative album between Finland’s Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay and Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset. It is out now via Room40. According to the press release, It’s little wonder then that these two musicians have gravitated towards one another on Singles. Gravity seems a fitting metaphor too, in that this record is a series of orbits, elemental materials catching onto one another and hurtling the music in directions not really expected, nor traceable. Singles is a record of dimension too, opening outward and collating, sometimes simultaneously, texture and pulse into ultraviolet sonic nebula, as ecstatic as they are enveloping.

From moments of fluid improvisation, emerge deeply morphic compositions that fold into and on top of themselves, forging an ever deepening sense of pressure and energy. At times open, reductive and spatial, this record also has moments of explosive force, an excessive spilling over that speaks to the fearlessness of these two artists. These are unbounded works, pulling ever closer towards the very edges of what is knowable, in sound.

Check the full streaming below.