Danny Scott Lane is a Los Angeles-based photographer and musician who we have introduced with the stunning first full-length How To Empty A Cup. Now he’s back with a new album called Near A Bridge which is out now via Shmmering Moods Records. He explains: “It was produced and recorded entirely in a hotel room in Austin, TX during a 10-day photography residency. I would walk around taking photos all day and then I would come back to my room and record these songs all night. I used things in the room, glasses, shampoo bottles for percussive elements and I sampled my TV for the vocal bits. Sometimes I would cross the bridge to this giant lake at night and sample the birds with my phone. All day when I was walking around taking photos, I had these songs on repeat in my headphones making notes on the mixes. I think Near A Bridge is a great soundtrack for an afternoon walk and I hope you enjoy it!”

Check the full streaming below.