Daniel Thomas Freeman is a London based artist and composer working mainly in music and film. The Silence After Life is the new work and it is the original soundtrack for the film  ‘The Silence After Life’, an experimental feature-length drama / meditation on grief, spirituality and the beauty of nature, with minimal dialogue and immersive score / sound design.

According to the press release, The score acts as a main character in the film – rather than simply reacting and supporting the onscreen images, actions and dialogue it attempts to push the edges of the frame outward, to reach for the beyond, to depict the struggle between mortal despair and eternal hope. Inspired by work from artists such as Alan Splet (‘Eraserhead’, dir. David Lynch, 1977), Jóhann Jóhannsson, John Luther Adams, Jonny Greenwood, Arvo Pärt and Daniel’s previous work as part of Rameses III, the score uses layer upon layer of electric violin, harp, percussion, organ, piano and purposefully-misused orchestral sampled instruments, all initially played by hand then heavily processed and edited afterwards.

Listen below.