Brooklyn based artist and drummer John Colpitts (Man Forever) has released a new album called Music from the Accident whichis out now via Thrill Jockey. Check the full streaming below.

According to the press release, Music from the Accident captures an unexpected, life-altering change in the composer’s life. In February 2018, Colpitts was involved in a car crash which severely injured his back and left him unable to work or perform for months. Working on new music became an important means of pushing forward through his recovery, which Colpitts deliberately approached as an opportunity to explore new creative avenues.

Starting with the modular synthesiser as a foundation, with Greg Fox acting as producer, the pair worked on the initial pieces transmuting the complex emotions of the experience into short sonic leitmotifs, sculpting small gestures into longer movements that Colpitts mutated and condensed into musical themes. The album’s subtle minimalism provides a perfect analogue for Colpitts’ journey to recovery: each repetition or delicate shift in tone and texture is almost imperceptible and yet an important step towards the album’s conclusion.