Circuit des Yeux is the project of Chicago-based singer-songwriter and musician Haley Fohr. Four years after Reaching For Indigo, she has released a new album called -io which is out now via Matador Records.

According to the press release, Forthcoming album -io was conceived during a period of grief in the wake of the loss of a close friend which shaped the contours of its inner world: a place “where everything is ending all the time”, a city perpetually on the brink of collapse where the heat is constant and tension never topple into catharsis, a landscape consisting of the burnt orange glow of the Florida skyline (where Hayley spent five weeks in January 2020 at an artist’s residency at the house of painter Robert Rauschenberg in Captiva Island) and the concrete and glass skyscrapers of lockdown Chicago. Hayley wrote, arranged, and produced the album, including its 23-piece orchestra arrangements of strings, horns, wind, and drum. It was mixed by Marta Salogni (Bjork, Holly Herndon) and produced by Hayley. It’s a colossal, towering, often strange but always vivid and striking set of songs that serves as her biggest canvas to date. 

Listen below.