Brady Cohan is a Los Angeles based composer and musician. According to the press release, he is a key part of the vital Downtown LA jazz scene that features musicians such as Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes and Josiah Steinbrick. As a sought-after Hollywood film composer and assistant composer, his credits include Good Girls and Crashing. His session guitar playing has seen him tour alongside such giants as Stewart Copeland, Queen Latifah, Stanley Clarke, Natalie Cole and countless more.

He has released the solo debut EP called Studies, Vol. 1 which is out via Panthom Limb. He explains: “Studies, Vol. 1 is a set of miniatures that I wrote as a means to explore various techniques relating to the guitar and electronics. Some of the material was based solely around guitar improvisations, while some was more carefully planned out with defined forms and musical material. The process of writing and recording this record took on another unexpected function for me as well: it was therapeutic. With all the craziness that is 2020, it felt really nice to have a positive outlet to direct some of what I’ve been feeling. I hope this music can serve as a source of comfort, as it did me, for anyone else who might need it.

Listen below.