BPMoore is the project of British, London-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Moore. Last year we introduced him with the track “Galvanised”; now he’s back with a new album called If I Don’t See You Again which is out now via Rhodium Publishing. According to the press release,  The twelve-track LP is an expansive and intricate foray into the idea of connection; permanence and impermanence, arrivals and departures, change and stillness.

Themes of movement and fleeting moments feed into a wider story of family and friends, neurological pathways, and the difference in perception that each of us experiences. The work is characterized by soft pianos, complex drum parts, soaring string lines, and an array of fantastic production techniques. It is an album in the most complete sense of the word; a cohesive journey that spans many chapters, anchored by the grounding theme of interconnectedness. 

Listen below.