We Carry the Curse is the new collaborative album between Norwegian composer and musician Benjamin Finger and American guitarist and producer James Plotkin. It is out via Roman Numeral Records and it follows 2019’s Pleasure VoltageIt features Elling Finnanger Snøfugl. Pre-order is available here and here. According to the press release, it darkens and expands the ambient soundscape Pleasure Voltage, managing to somehow both submerge and heighten its complex melancholic depths.

From the tonal darkness that lurks at the perimeter of album opener “Aspire to Expire,” to the resigned bonds of inherent human despair on “Bound Together,” the album is a forty minute atmospheric excavation of a soul’s darkness that doesn’t hesitate to let moments of balance and light bleed through the surface. We Carry the Curse is an invitation to an introspective reckoning that will resonate in strikingly individual ways for each listener – within and beyond the boundaries of its compositions.

Check the full streaming below.