Indian sound artist and musician Rahul Jigyasu aka Bamboo Mystics creates music using gamelan instruments, bamboo flutes, Jal tarang (Indian Water bowls), Kacapi (Indonesian Harp) and his voice. Swara Suci is the new album which is out now via London based imprint Chinabot. According to the press release, he explores the linked musical traditions of India and Java, adding field recordings and African rhythms to make a warm, glowing ambient soundscape. Swara Suci is an intelligent addition to the recent revival of New Age sounds for the digital era, recalling the measured, spiritual experimentations of Jozef Van Wissem or Laraaji.

Swara Suci means pure notes in Bahasa Indonesia,” says Jigyasu. “The album is called Swara Suci because it is a pure acoustic and vibrant sound, reflecting the sound of nature.

Check the full streaming below.