Berlin based producer and composer Bagaski is back with a new album called Praeludium which is out now via See Blue Audio and follows 2022’s Dash. According to the press release, It is also his third for the label following the ‘Final’ album in April 2021 and then ‘Dash’, consisting of two longform tracks and the opening release of 2022. ‘Praeludium’ completes this trilogy, but not in an orthodox sense as it also represents a return to the beginning; time is ever-shifting in the musical landscape of Bagaski.

Similarly, the titles ‘Final’ and ‘Dash’ hold little clue to the music within, and the same can be said of ‘Praeludium’, an archaic version of prelude and predominantly used in a musical context. It is better, therefore, to consider this new album as a foreshadowing of its predecessors, and, in this way, a mercurial concept of time makes more sense.

All three have much in common as they travel through the artist’s unique perspective on lo-fi, exotica, vaporwave, synth noise, cold wave electronics and experimental soundscapes. Intensely atmospheric as always and based on the sonic possibilities of the synthesizer, ‘Praeludium’ is abstract and atonal, while also being profoundly personal. This fusion of coalescing and contrasting forces is central to the album’s depth of quality and introspective nature.

Listen below.