Badmixday is the project of Istanbul-based producer Anıl Berk Çetin. He has signed with Dome of Doom and has released his sophomore album called Goya. It follows 2017’s debut A Quiet Mind Awaits, released via Seattle’s Hush Hush Records. According to the press release, he composed eight new works that run the gamut between performative instrumentalism and synthetic programming. Goya is a potent amalgamation of sound where technically expansive song structures are given soulful palettes of color to represent the inner-self. Nothing is wasted in the process.

He presents piano, electric piano, electric guitar, trumpet, violin, and clarinet, in synthesizer form. Most of the album’s percussion and drum work were recorded from various modern and vintage drum machines in Badmixday’s personal collection. VST-based synthesizers and audio effects like the Arturia V Collection, Native Instruments Komplete, Valhalla DSP, Waves Plugins, and Sonic Charge’s Microtonic were the final components in shaping each track’s tonality. 

Check the full streaming below.