Palettes is the collaborative mini-album between Spanish sound artist and composer Pepo Galán and awakened souls, the Los Angeles-based husband/wife duo comprised of Cynthia Bernard and James Bernard. It is out via Hush Hush Records. Check the full streaming below and read the full story.

According to the press release, After doing a rework of one of Pepo Galán’s songs (featured on Pepo’s ‘Soledad’ album released in October 2020 by Stereoscenic Records), awakened souls reached out to Pepo to see if he would want to collaborate on new original material. Pepo happily sent files of songs and ideas over to James and Cynthia who were immediately inspired by their lush, spacious, and widescreen sounds. The duo then built these foundational sketches into full songs using their own meditative and healing sounds. The artistic approach behind these creations gave the musicians a sense of painting songs into existence, yielding the release’s title of ‘Palettes.’ Embedded into ‘Palettes’ rich emotional and romantic streak is the artists’ shared passion for poet Pablo Neruda, his work seeping into the song’s track titles, lyrics, and overarching aesthetics.

In just under 25 minutes, ‘Palettes’ will take you on a mesmerizing introspective journey, complete with swirling bass and guitars, thoughtful piano ethereal vocals that were recorded in Los Angeles, and soaring waves of sound recorded in Spain. In making this mini-album, a beautiful friendship has been born.