Aron Stadler aka Daniel Aron de Jong is German producer and composer. He has released a new album called Rivers of Frequency which is out now via Midira Records. The album got written, recorded, mixed and mastered in late 2020, in a period impressed by lockdowns and covid restrictions. Check the full streaming below.

He explains: ” “Rivers of Frequency” is three massively sized compositions for contemplation in darkness and sub-frequencies. This album is the result of meditation. It led to an approach of making drifting sound environments, that were extracted, processed and re-used from late night guitar improvisations. I wanted to create a floating state of consciousness, in which the listener forgets to take control and is left at the mercy of building and crashing waves of sound. If “Rivers Of Frequency” is like the current of a river, “Maritime” sets off to slow building ocean-waves in a northern storm. “Schöpfung” is a single wave of energy.”