Androoval is a sound artist, musician, composer, producer, dj from Montevideo. He has released a new album called Tres Pianos which is out now via MoM music. According to the press release, An album with three tracks, each with three layers. Each layer with a piano at a different speed from the other two in its set. An experiment in polytempo.

The coexistence of three different speeds sounding at the same time can be difficult to listen to, a strange experience. Working with only one instrument, as in this case the piano, softens the coexistence of these elements and their strangeness to the point of being familiar, logical and necessary. Something similar happens when a piano presents the melody that another piano will play next but at a different speed. The strange accompanied by the familiar results in something less strange.

The three tracks that make up this album move through distinguishable harmonic atmospheres between them, and this favors the perception of the whole. With a sometimes ambiguous movement, as if doubting the path to follow, the tracks move forward in brief balances as well as backward. A counterpoint logic and simple concatenated rhythmic structures are enough to ensure the back-and-forth as a development. Pfff, Jammm and Brownies are the product of experimentation with the musical encounters and miss encounters of different and simultaneous speeds.

Listen below.