Amotik is a Berlin based techno DJ and producer which performed at some of the most exciting clubs & festivals around the globe such as Berghain, ADE Festival, Soenda, just to name a few. Two years after Vistār, he has released a new album called Patanjali which is out now as self-release.

According to the press release, it took inspiration from Amotik’s late grandfather and was named after his yoga ashram. Although not identifying as particularly spiritual, he believes the influence of his grandfather subconsciously reverberates throughout his own. While his music could be considered straightforward techno, it simultaneously has an intensely hypnotic and meditative quality that subtly speaks to these deeply embedded influences in his upbringing.

The album features 10 tracks rich with elements of ambient, breakbeat and textured soundscapes while maintaining foundations firmly rooted in techno. Amotik avoids flavour of the month trends and stays true to his own sound.

Listen below.