Ai Fen is a Polish-Chinese musician and singer, better known as part of Prague based duo ba:zel. Back in April 2020, she has released her debut allbum called postforever.

On the album, she said: In an ever-accelerating world of infinite “posts”, it seemed important to declare a final, radical post tenderly humorous in its anachronism, but deadly serious in its desire to unite under the shield of a bitterly sweet, never to be directly experienced infinity.”

She asked to some artists to remix tracks of her first full-length as a way for it to develop and re-experience itself and become a re-experience for others. Check the full streaming below and read the full story.


She explains: “Post postforever features six tracks from a variety of producers, both Prague and non-Prague based. The result is a swarming electronic landscape that warps through splendid pulsating skies and brooding languid seas. I feel very honored to have had these amazing producers create their renditions of my tracks. I love how every single one takes my track in a completely different direction, splitting into an entirely new being”

According to the press, this project took on board artists such as the Prague-based producer Kkraus, the Hungarian vocalist & composer MA’AM, ambient-collective Jested, Evil Medvěd; solo project of Prague based musician and composer Filip Míšek (Dikolson) and Tropical Vampire, the darkwave inspired project of Swedish based producer Anna Helmersson.