Abe Rounds is an Australian drummer, vocalist, and producer currently based in Los Angeles. He’s recorded, toured and performed with the likes of Meshell Ndegeocello, Blake Mills & Sara Barellies, Pino Palladino, Seal, Andrew Bird, and many others. He has released the debut EP called The Confidence to Make Mistakes which is out now via Colorfield Records.

According to the press release, it represents a moment of unapologetic self-expression through percussion, drums and vocals. Asked what compels his courage in creativity, Abe credits his family. He was raised by strong, supportive women and his father is renowned Sydney musician/producer Victor Rounds. It is also impossible not to look back at his ancestry, with elders from many corners of the globe, including Fiji, Tonga, Hungary, and Iraq. The courage to go where his own heart led is what prompted Abe to hit record and capture 22 minutes of musical truth.

Check the full streaming below.