Now That You’ve Found It is the collaborative album between American percussionist and composer Jon Mueller and American musician, singer Aaron Turner (SUMAC, Isis). It is out now via American Dreams. The album’s genesis was a dream in which the pair gave a concert in which they hardly played a note. “Yet the energy of the performance was very intense,” Mueller explains, “like something could blow at any moment. I woke up wanting to recreate that, and somehow I think we did.” 

Recreating it started at Turner’s House of Low Culture studio, reprising their past effort’s collaborations with recording engineer Matt Bayles (SUMAC, Keiji Haino, Mono) and mixing/mastering engineer James Plotkin (Merzbow, Jack Rose). “Once we were in the room recording,” says Mueller, “it all felt much more real, for better or worse. Reality became something to both work from and against.”

Check the full streaming below.