Don’t be that person at the biggest shows of the summer.

If you’re a regular concert-goer (and if you’re reading this, we assume you are), you’re probably a total pro at the process. You buy your tickets as soon as they’re available, follow the bag policy at the door and make sure to wear comfortable shoes when you know you’ll be on your feet all night. However, even the most seasoned live music experts can make mistakes when it comes to their favorite performers.

This year is packed with massively popular tours from some of the biggest pop stars and bands in the world, so don’t make enemies of your fellow attendees by obscuring the view with a massive sign or holding up the line because you didn’t prep your tickets. 

If it’s been awhile since you got a crash course in live music dos and don’ts, be an A+ attendee and reduce your risk of being that person. No matter where you’re catching your favorite artist, remember that there are hundreds if not thousands of other fans just like you in the crowd — this isn’t a private show, so be considerate at your next concert.


We live in the era of 24/7 social media recording, so here’s how to avoid ending up in the TikTok hall of shame. 

  • Block the view with a too-big sign. Cheeky signs are a mainstay at any show, especially when they get called out by the star onstage, but don’t block everyone’s view because you’re trying to get your fave to notice you. Keep your sign to yourself and be considerate of everyone around and behind you. Hold it at chest level if at all possible and if you wanna raise it high, do so briefly so the folks behind you don’t miss a moment.
  • Scream or yell over the band or artist while they’re talking to the crowd. Yes, you want them to notice you and give you a shoutout, but unless the performer is specifically asking for audience participation, it’s rude to scream over what they’re saying, not to mention irritating to the people around you who are just trying to listen in.
  • Invade personal space. Seated stadium shows and general admission venues can get a little too close for comfort, especially if you’re dancing or trying to make your way up to the stage. Feel free to move with the music and maneuver into the pit, but watch out for swinging limbs and hips so you don’t make an unwilling dance partner of your seatmate — or worse, hurt someone. The kindergarten rule of keeping your hands to yourself absolutely applies here.
  • Record the entire show or text the whole time. You’re paying for a live concert, not a streaming special, so put your phone away and live in the moment! Of course, you can totally record a snippet of your favorite song or send a snapshot to a faraway friend, but you’re not a videographer, so don’t record an entire live performance. 
  • Go too hard. It’s fun to have a drink or two with your crew, but don’t overdo it and get sloppy, spill drinks on the person in front of you or pass out before the encore. Stay hydrated, especially if you’re attending an all-day outdoor festival where temps can climb.


Organization is key to getting in, finding your seat and enjoying the show. Trust us.


  • Make a pre-purchase plan. If you’re going with a group, designate one person to buy the tickets at a specified time to ensure you’re all sitting together, or send very clear instructions prior to purchasing so everyone knows where and when to buy. If you’re a Vivid Seats Rewards member, ordering for the group means you can earn free tickets faster!
  • Download your tickets right away so you don’t have to troubleshoot right before the show. Whether it’s from a third party seller or directly from the venue, make sure your tickets are sent to your phone, the corresponding app or your Apple Wallet so they’re easily accessible when you arrive at the venue and you can breeze right through the line. 
  • Read the rules before you depart. If the venue doesn’t allow bags bigger than a certain size, don’t bring a giant tote and have to stash it outside the venue for later. Bring only the essentials: keys, credit cards or cash, your ID and your phone. 
  • Ensure no friend is left behind! If you need to enter as a group, make sure all parties are aware of when and where you’re going to meet — not to mention how you’re going to get home after the show. (Pro tip: If you never met a planner you didn’t want to purchase, designate yourself as the team project manager and volunteer to handle logistics, like meeting times, entry strategy or a ride to/from the show.)
  • Plan your restroom or merch trips so you don’t miss your favorite song. There’s nothing worse than standing in line to buy a concert tee and hearing the opening notes of the track. 
  • Be a good neighbor. Offer to take photos for the group next to you so they can commemorate the occasion on Instagram and be friendly and open — the stranger beside you could end up becoming your new concert buddy! 

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