it’s a lovestory

Rolling Stone staffers offer their thoughts and insights on the couple’s magnetic pull

Taylor Swift built her illustrious career writing intimate songs about her life — which often centered around romantic love and its maddening journey. It’s no wonder, then, that Swifties (especially those chronically online) are tuned into the singer’s latest adventure in love with Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce. But while all of Swift’s relationships have been buzzed about, this romance, in particular, seems to have reached a new level of public interest, sparking an insane amount of attention and fresh media frenzy. Since the famous pair were first linked in September, everyone from the NFL’s social media team to diehard Swifties on TikTok can’t stop talking about — and watching — Swift and Kelce’s every move. Below, Rolling Stone staffers offer their own theories on the couple’s magnetic pull.