The recently rebooted TV series Unsolved Mysteries is launching a new weekly podcast Wednesday, February 17th.

To accompany the launch announcement, Unsolved Mysteries released a trailer that features interviews with various people sharing their eerie tales. Each episode will focus on a different mystery and will feature guests closely associated with the case, such as family members, people who have experienced mysterious or paranormal events in their lives, law enforcement, and forensic experts.

The Unsolved Mysteries podcast will also boast a narrator, voice actor Steve French, who says in the trailer, “These are all new stories of terrifying abductions, bizarre paranormal encounters, heinous killers, and unexplained deaths.”

Following its launch, new episodes of the Unsolved Mysteries podcast will be available every Wednesday. As with the TV series, each show will end with a call-to-action for those who think they have a tip or clue that could solve one of these mysteries.

The Unsolved Mysteries podcast is a collaboration between the show’s original production company, Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, and the podcast company, Cadence13.