It’s no secret that Ed Sheeran has historically been considered, for lack of a better term, uncool. The Brit’s musical output skews on the schmaltzier side, and tracks like “Perfect” and “Thinking Out Loud” have traditionally been considered wedding dance songs or the soundtrack for freshman high schoolers’ first experience with digital penetration. Yet a new wave of fans on TikTok are begging the question: is Ed Sheeran actually awesome?

“I don’t know who made the executive decision that we all hate Ed Sheeran, but you know what, I’m fitting to stand my ground. I like that leprechaun,” says TikToker Niccoya. “The fact that you all sit there and pretend like ‘Photograph’ doesn’t have you in a chokehold really blows my mind.” Niccoya’s video prompted Sheeran himself to respond in a TikTok “duet,” thanking her for expressing her appreciation; the clip culminates in them harmonizing together on “Lego House.”


#duet with @niccoya This made me laugh #EqualsAlbum

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The duet sparked some pro-Sheeran discourse on social media, with internet culture writer Kelsey Weekman tweeting, “I predict we will soon see the pendulum of good public favor swing in Ed Sheeran’s direction.” On this week’s Don’t Let This Flop, co-hosts Spanos and Dickson discuss the impending “Ed Sheeranaissance,” as well as Tommy Lee and John Travolta’s shocking cookies-and-lemonade bromance, talk to Himbo of the Week Sampson Gaglione (best known as the Shirtless Guy who Reacts to Thirsty Comments About Him) about how he accidentally built a feminist community on TikTok. Inspired by TikTokers’ obsession with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s fledging, highly public relationship, they also play a very special game with podcast editor Dan Stein celebrating Davidson’s penis.


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