In just a few months, the novel coronavirus has refashioned our understanding with regards to personal relationships and the systems that constitute and compose our day-to-day living. For some, that has also resulted in growth, frustration, growing pains, upheaval, and unification. And, in other cases, like that of company Clinical Supplies USA, the COVID-19 health crisis resulted in a way to find opportunity amid the global pandemic.

A Better Business Bureau-accredited business, Clinical Supplies USA saw in front of it a tremendous task since the virus brought new needs to the American people — needs that Clinical Supplies sought to meet by aiming to provide legitimate, reliable protection to all.

At the heart of Clinical Supplies lies the communities it seeks to serve: the American community at large. That’s why they donated $150,000 worth of PPE (personal protective equipment) to those in need, including 28,000 masks to the homeless and students who’ve been disproportionately affected by the current global health crisis.

Additionally, Clinical Supplies is one of the few companies on the market with consistent stock of the most in-demand PPE, much of which is made in the United States. Moreover, they specialize in locating volatile stock so as to prevent waste, meaning that, while their competitors may be disadvantaging frontline workers who need it most by taking possible products away from hospitals, the company works hard to bring PPE items to the market that would otherwise be unavailable, thus optimizing efficiency and making sure that there’s enough for everyone to be protected.

“We know that when it comes to your health and safety, resources shouldn’t be limited,” says Isaiah Granet, who works on the financial engineering and analytics team at Clinical Supplies USA. This applies especially to those making sacrifices for the greater good, who serve as frontline or essential workers. To show their immense gratitude, the American-owned company offers discounts on all of its products to first responders.

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Clinical Sales USA

Furthermore, not only are Clinical Supplies USA’s products efficiently-sourced to bring new PPE options to market, but all masks sold by Clinical Supplies are tested and quality assured, so that people will feel secure in the sourcing and safety of the products. The site currently has NIOSH-certified N95 masks for sale, along with KN95 masks and regular disposable face masks as well.

While fraudulent PPE and scams were rampant on the market in the early days of the global pandemic, Clinical Supplies was founded to ensure that there was always a PPE provider with consistent stock you could always trust. Says Granet: “We’re working to make sure that no one’s safety is ever a choice they’re forced to make.”