Shortened Time

Holmes’ scheduled release date is set for Dec. 29, 2032

Elizabeth Holmes will be spending a slightly shorter period of time behind bars. The Theranos founder’s inmate information on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website was updated to reflect a scheduled release date of Dec. 29, 2032 — shortening her sentence from 11 years and three months by two years, Rolling Stone has confirmed.

A BOP spokesperson told NBC News that no further information could be shared about said decision, but that good conduct time can be earned by incarcerated individuals and have that “projected in their projected release date.”

The new release date reflects the amount of time she can have shaved from her sentence according to the BOP’s “good time chart.”

Holmes was sentenced back in November and began her prison sentence on May 30. Since being found guilty in January 2022 of lying to investors to raise money for her blood-testing startup Theranos, Holmes spent much of the intervening time pushing for a new trial and begging not to go to jail. Amid failed requests for new trials, her sentencing got rescheduled twice. (She was charged with four counts of wire fraud at the time.)

Days before the sentencing, Holmes’ defense filed an 82-page sentencing memo requesting zero jail time for Holmes – just 18 months of home confinement. The filing includes letters of support from more than 130 of Holmes’ friends, relatives, and former coworkers and investors outlining her volunteer work, her reliability as a friend, and her “deep interest in making the world a better place.”


A letter from Holmes’ partner, hotel heir Billy Evans, confirmed what seemed visibly apparent at Holmes’ most recent court appearance – that she is pregnant with her second child. Prosecutors requested 15 years in prison and an $804 million fine.

Theranos Chief Operating Officer Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani was also convicted and sentenced, with Balwani receiving nearly 13 years behind bars.