Hip-hop artist TEF XL drops his best work yet titled “Say Less,” an impressive fusion of rap subgenre with a twist of pop and r&b, marking the start of a new chapter for the talented musician. TEF XL is known for his grueling tracks that are heavily inspired by 80s and 90s hip-hop era, however, “Say Less” takes a different route to finding TEF’s original voice which is showcased perfectly in his latest masterpiece. 

For many years, TEF XL was doing everything involved in hip-hop except releasing his own music, including producing, hosting major events, writing and being a successful business manager. That all changed when TEF XL was encouraged by his peers to release his tracks and the Florida-native first did so with the popular song “Injustice” that accumulated more than 200k streams. Since then, he has released countless hit singles that have helped him gather over 15k listeners per month. 

Now, with an all-new original like “Say Less,” TEF XL proves to be amongst the elite when it comes to producing banger tracks and authentic music.

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