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If you can tell the difference between hard seltzer brands, you’ve probably got something special going on. For most of us, hard seltzer tastes the same regardless of brand. For self-proclaimed “Seltzpert” Loryn Powell, every hard seltzer is unique.

On the latest episode of Don’t Let This Flop, cohosts Ej Dickson and Brittany Spanos talk to the seltzpert and discuss a myriad of things from farting near celebrities to American Girl Dolls.

On July 14, Powell shared a video on Instagram showing her blind tasting six different brands of hard seltzer in under 20 seconds and correctly guessing the names of each one of them. The video that has since gone viral gained a mixed reception from viewers with some commending Powell’s vast hard seltzer knowledge and others slightly chastising her for knowing so much about this specific niche.

“People made assumptions that I am like an alcoholic, cause the only way you could ever pull this off is if you’re drinking nonstop every day, all day,” Powell says. “The comments of the people who aren’t familiar with alcohol content, I would say it feels like you are reaching a demo of people that never should have seen your video.”

Powell also spoke about her efforts in trying to reclaim white-girl culture despite any preconceived notions that might come with it.

“As far as the basic bitch genre goes, I’ve leaned into that,” Powell says. “I wanna take that back, like it used to be, ‘oh man, if you like pumpkin spice, lattes and rose wine, you’re basic and that’s an insult.’ And it’s like, well, guess what? Pumpkin and spice lattes are delicious. And rose wine is fun to day drink with. So I, I guess I’m basic.”

Basic or not, one thing can definitely be said about Powell — she sure knows her hard seltzers.

Don’t Let This Flop is released Wednesdays on all audio streaming platforms, including Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon MusicStitcher and more.