You really don’t need an excuse to light up these days, and in many parts of the country, you don’t need a license to either. But for those who favor a more concentrated cannabis experience, you’ll want to set aside July 10th as your new date to dab.

While April 20th (4/20) is still the most popular day associated with weed, July 10th (or 710) has quickly become its own unofficial consumption holiday. Also know as “Dab Day” or “Oil Day” (the characters “710” backwards resemble the word “oil”), the cannabis holiday celebrates dabs, cannabis concentrates, and yes, oils, that help you get high if you’re passing on the puff. Though its origins are unclear, most cannabis connoisseurs peg the first “Dab Day” to 2012, shortly before Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis, thereby making oils and dabs more readily available to consumers.

This year, a number of brands are making the occasion with new releases, both in terms of dab rigs and vaporizers (Though 710 is known as “dab day,” the day includes the promotion of all extracts, including traditional vapes). Before you start celebrating “Dab Day” though, it may help to know what you’re getting into.

Dabbing involves taking a dab of cannabis extract, heating it using a dab rig and a blow torch, and inhaling the smoke,” explains Heather Rodman, VP of Marketing & Brands at Growth Network Holdings, a vertically-integrated cannabis company in California that operates the High Note dispensaries along with a portfolio of cannabis brands. “Cannabis extracts,” she says, “are concentrated forms of the cannabis plant made using different extraction methods and come in many different forms — sugar, shatter, sauce, budder, and many more named after its consistency.”

The benefits of dabbing are unmistakable: “The effects come on quickly and strong,” Rodman says. “If you need fast relief or you have a high tolerance, dabbing is the way to go. It’s the fastest and most potent way to feel the effects.”

Just be aware: “Dabbing is probably the most intimidating way to consume, and it definitely isn’t for anyone new to cannabis,” she cautions. “Dabbing for the first time can feel like being hit by a freight train, so if you are going to dabble in dabbing, do it in a safe space with soft furniture and lots of snacks.”

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get in on dabbing, with products you can order from home to celebrate 710, and to do the dab all year round.

1. Grenco Science G Pen Roam Vaporizer

gpen roam

Grenco Science

A portable digital water vape for concentrates, the new G Pen Roam features a quartz tank and glass hydro-tube housed inside a jet black casing. The Roam heats up at the push of a button, melting your preferred concentrate within seconds. Use the temperature controls and LED display to set the pen to your desired temperature, for smooth, consistent flavor. The discreet design lets you take the G Pen with you virtually anywhere. A plus: the device can be used even when the built-in battery is charging. $249.95,

2. Puffco The Peak Smart Rig

puffco peak review


Slim and sleek, this all-in-one device is great if you’re just getting into dabbing. The portable dabber looks a bit like a digital bong, and functions in many of the same ways. Load your concentrate, then choose from four preset heat settings, unlocking different flavors and potencies; the Peak heats up in as little as 20 seconds. The included rechargeable battery gets you up to 30 dabs per change. $299.99,

3. Dr. Dabber SWITCH

dr dabber switch

Dr. Dabber

This digital rig is one of the more elaborate devices on the market right now and its large size (over a foot high) lets it really rip. It’s also one of the most versatile, too, working for both oils and flowers. Choose from 25 heat settings to turn up the flavor, vapors, or clouds. Dr. Dabber says a single charge gets you up to 150 uses, and the unit heats up in four seconds or so.

It looks like a regular dab rig but the SWITCH takes it up a notch with the ability to well, switch from a full-fledged oil rig into an electric flower vaporizer. The smart technology is all packed into a sturdy, grippy chamber that loads and cleans with ease. $399.95,

4. KandyPens Crystal

kandypens crystal


This pocket-sized pen has won multiple awards for its ease of use, discreet packaging and two-click “sesh mode,” which lets you take longer draws without having to keep your fingers on a button (it’s easier to draw too). At just 10cm tall, this is a mini dab pen that works with your concentrate of choice, from shatter to sauce. The stainless steel construction makes it virtually indestructible, but what you’re really buying it for is the Crystal’s clean flavor and smooth, long-lasting draw. $134.97,

5. Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig

higher standards rig

Higher Standards

This transparent glass rig lets you see the action inside your pipe, which produces finer bubbles for a purer draw. The quartz banger helps to extract sharp, distinct flavors while maintaining potency. A specially-designed mouthpiece creates an airtight seal between your mouth and the glass that eliminates any draw resistance. What that means: you get a precise, consistent hit each time. Just don’t forget this is the analog version — you’ll need a butane blowtorch in order to light up. Rig: $180, Torch: $90,

6. Tetra Cache Jar

tetra jars


You can’t exactly use these for dabbing, but we like Tetra’s storage jars, which are perfect for storing your dabs so they stay fresh and sticky while keeping the smell locked in tight. The silicone seal and unique concave lid keep your contents secure. The hand-blown glass jars look great as display pieces too, and because the jars are handmade, no two (or three) will be alike. $35,