Tenderfoot TV and Cadence 13’s podcast, Radio Rental, returns for its second season on Thursday, when it airs the new season’s debut episode. Rainn Wilson portrays video store clerk Terry Carnation and creator-executive producer Payne Lindsey serves as the interviewer in the semi-scripted podcast that recounts real-life frightening stories shared by regular folk. In an exclusive clip previewing the episode, a man discusses a disturbing time jump he experienced.

He describes hanging out with his then-girlfriend when they were 20-years old. They start watching a movie in the living room. Next thing he remembers he’s sitting in his bedroom, naked and feeling “completely betrayed by all reality I’ve ever known.”

The story is one of two scary true stories that are featured in the second season’s premiere episode. “We’ve got a brand new collection of creepy and mystifying stories from everyday people,” Lindsey tells Rolling Stone. “This go-round we’re really focusing on the idea that these could happen to anybody. We’re really excited to bring you yet another season of that nostalgic, campfire spookiness. After hearing about some of these encounters, maybe social distancing won’t seem so bad after all.”

Season Two will be available on Radio Rental‘s website, beginning with Thursday’s second season debut episode.