As protesters gathered near the CNN Center in Atlanta, an explosion described as a firecracker detonated and understandably startled CNN’s Nick Valencia, leading him to scream: “SHIT!” during the live Friday night broadcast.

According to Mediaite, in-studio host Chris Cuomo called the scene in Atlanta “unreal.” The host then described some of the havoc that had taken place while the protest against police brutality continued.

“They’ve broken out the windows here, they’re continuing to throw objects, another projectile fired, appeared to be a full water bottle… At least two officers have been injured, one of them appeared to be seriously injured, being dragged out,” Cuomo said.

Earlier Friday evening, Valencia said told Anderson Cooper that the scene near the CNN Center was getting dangerous.

“Anderson, it’s ugly out here,” Valencia said, “These demonstrators came here ready to confront the police.”

Valencia, according to Mediaite, went on to say that the protesters were “throwing objects at CNN Center, breaking windows.”

Valencia also apologized for being winded, saying, “I’m sorry I’m a little breathless,” and adding, “This is terrible to witness.”

Protests have broken out in Atlanta and in other cities across the country including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in recent days spurred by protests in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd by police.