As the highly publicized fight between Logan Paul and boxer Dillon Danis draws near, Paul’s fiancé, Danish model Nina Agdal, wants Danis to keep her name out of his mouth. 

According to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday filed in the United States District Court of New Jersey, Agdal is accusing Danis of violating revenge porn laws and invading her privacy by non-consensually posting a nude photo of her onto social media. In addition to damages and the covering of her attorney fees, Agdal is also requesting a restraining order against Danis. 

The news comes after weeks of posts by Danis about Agdal’s rumored sexual history and threatening to post explicit images of her without consent. Danis has claimed that his tweets are just to promote an upcoming, Oct. 14 fight between himself and Paul.

“I’m fully committed to this fight and have been carrying the whole card’s promotion on my back,” Danis posted on X. “This is me walking a thin line. Imagine I had full freedom; Logan is really ruining this fight build-up for the fans.”

According to the lawsuit, for the past five weeks Danis has posted daily to his account on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram to make “hundreds of crude posts” about Agdal, posting more than 250 times. Many of the posts used photoshopped images to imply that Danis and Agdal, who became engaged to Paul last July, had a sexual relationship, which Agdal’s team has called disparaging and false. At least one video posted was from Agdal’s private Snapchat archives, the lawsuit alleges, “suggesting Danis had hacked [her] personal account or had obtained the private video from someone who had done so.”

The lawsuit against Danis also alleges that the boxer violated federal revenge porn laws by posting a photo of Agdal with full frontal nudity on August 11. Danis deleted the August 11 post, but not before it had been saved and re-shared by his followers. The lawsuit alleges Danis was in violation of the 2022 Violence Against Women Act reauthorization, which included a provision allowing victims of nonconsensual pornography to file suit in federal court; as well as New Jersey invasion of privacy laws.

Since August 20, Danis has also been threatening to release another explicit photo of Agdal, one he claims would do irreparable damage to Agdal and Paul’s engagement. “I wanna drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet,” Danis wrote on X on September 2.

The lawsuit says Danis’ behavior has been “vulgar and disparaging. Danis has caused [Agdal] significant harm, including but not limited to emotional distress, reputational harm, embarrassment, stress, and anxiety over threatened future posts of a similar nature,” the suit reads. And although Danis has claimed that the tweets about Agdal were intended to promote the fight with Paul, the lawsuit alleges that “regardless of his purported justifications, Danis’ conduct alleged in the complaint was not about Paul: it was about [Agdal].”


Danis did not respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. But on his X account, the boxer accused Agdal of filing the lawsuit to stop the fight and gain more “clout,” and has continued posting about her. 

Representatives for Paul declined Rolling Stone’s request to comment and attorneys for Agdal did not respond.