Michelle Obama will interview her husband, former president Barack Obama, on the first episode of her new Spotify podcast series, premiering July 29th.

The show, broadly, is about the relationships that shape people, from family and friends to mentors and our relationships with ourselves. Per a press release, the Obamas’ conversation will focus on “community, the love that powers our relationships and their life after the White House.”

Ahead of the podcast’s debut, Obama shared a transcript of her introduction to the first episode, where she explained how the idea for the series came about as she spoke with family and friends and reflected on her life following eight years in the White House.

Old memories took on new meaning, and Obama said that helped her realize that “the main truth of my story isn’t anything I did as First Lady, but the lifelong experiences that I shared with the people I loved, the conversations that guide me whenever I come to a fork in the road. Because really that’s how we find our truth, isn’t it? By leaning on those around us.”

Obama added that she didn’t want the series to be “prescriptive,” but rather have the feel of a natural conversation that “sparks ideas and topics” for listeners.

She continues in the lead up to her conversation with Barack: “Today, we’re gonna start by discussing one of those relationships that can take some time to figure out. That’s our relationship to our communities and to our country. Sometimes this relationship might be a source of fulfillment or meaning or joy. Other times it might provoke questions that we don’t quite know the answer to. What we’re really talking about is our place in this world. How we feel about it and what we can do with the power we have. I asked a special someone to join me for this conversation because he’s navigated these questions throughout the course of his entire life.”

Obama also shared the full schedule of guests and topics for the first season of her podcast, which is available below.

The Michelle Obama Podcast Schedule

Episode 1 – Community with Barack Obama
Episode 2 – Self in the time of Covid with Michele Norris
Episode 3 – Women’s Health with Dr. Sharon Malone
Episode 4 – Siblings with Craig Robinson
Episode 5 – Girlfriends with Dr. Sharon Malone, Kelly Dibble and Denielle Pemberton-Heard
Episode 6 – Marriage with Conan O’Brien
Episode 7 – Mentorship with Valerie Jarrett
Episode 8 – Mentees with Chynna Clayton, Yene Damtew, and Kristin Jones
Episode 9 – Kids with Mrs. Robinson and Craig