Everybody loves penguins. They’re short, can’t fly and look like they’re wearing tiny tuxedos. It’s a joy to watch them waddle, hop around and slide across the ice on their bellies.

But what do penguins have to do with CBD?

They’re the key to staying chill, according to Penguin CBD. And, after thinking about it for a moment, we’re inclined to agree.

Consider the life of a penguin. From the moment they hatch, they’re thrown into a harsh world with danger lurking around every corner. Yet they manage to face all of life’s challenges head on, surviving and thriving in the most stressful and unpredictable climates. They even have the strength to help their friends and family stay cool under pressure.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of chill in our everyday lives? Penguin certainly thinks so. That’s why they’re committed to demonstrating the full potential of CBD as the world’s finest CBD brand for relaxation.

Who Is Penguin CBD?

Established in 2019, Penguin CBD has already made a big name for themselves. Their lineup of products includes oils, gummies, capsules and creams. Over the past year, they’ve won over countless loyal customers and caught the attention of numerous publications and news outlets.

For instance, they’ve been rated the “#1 best quality CBD on the market” by CBDStudy, a CBD research publication that is partnered with the accredited Botanacor Laboratories. Together, they’ve tested over 50 oils by the biggest brands on the market, and they placed Penguin at the very top.

Penguin has also captured the interest of Help.org, a health and wellness organization dedicated to providing customers with information vetted by board-certified healthcare providers and professionals. Penguin CBD’s oil ranks high on their list of “The Best CBD Oils of 2020.”

In an overcrowded market, what sets Penguin apart from the rest and earns them all of this hefty praise? The answer lies in their multipronged approach to production and sales.

The Penguin Process

As with the best CBD brands, Penguin believes in a “seed to sale” process that begins on the farm.

Hemp farming has boomed in a number of states since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Penguin chose Oregon for a variety of reasons. For one, their soil is uniquely rich in a way that makes it ideal for hemp growing. Another is the fact that they have a robust hemp program, with strong regulations and resources for its farmers.

Penguin makes certain that their hemp plants are grown in a way that’s natural and environmentally sustainable. That means no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during their cultivation.

After that, their crop gets handed over to their team of scientists and hemp experts for extraction. Rather than go for the more standard and cheaper ethanol-based process that other CBD brands use, they opt for a pricier CO2 supercritical method, which is cleaner and allows them to more precisely select which compounds to preserve.

The resulting extract is combined with various other ingredients to make their oils and other products. This leads us to the testing phase of the process.

Staying Honest

Transparency is the hallmark of a trustworthy brand. This is especially true for the CBD market, which unfortunately has its fair share of questionable businesses. As a rule of thumb, you should be wary of any CBD seller who refuses to say where their hemp comes from, or doesn’t provide proof that their products are potent and free of unwanted contaminants.

Penguin is upfront and transparent about every step of their production. Every new batch they create is sent to an independent third-party lab for testing. The results are frequently updated on their website, where anybody can peruse them before buying.

This dedication to openness and accountability is part of Penguin’s core philosophy. They strive to ensure that their customers feel “comfortable, safe and satisfied the whole way.”

Find What You Need to Succeed

penguin cbd

Penguin CBD


CBD oil tends to be the first thing people think of when it comes to CBD. It’s one of the most popular methods of taking CBD, and just about every brand offers their own version. Penguin’s broad-spectrum formula is an exceptional example.

“Broad-spectrum” refers to the type of extract used to make the oil. The process to create it involves removing the minuscule amount of THC that’s present in hemp. However, it still keeps the other beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBC and CBN. These additional cannabinoids produce an “entourage effect” that brings out the best in CBD by amplifying its potency.

That’s not the only thing Penguin CBD oil has going for it. It also offers a winning selection of flavors: mint, citrus, strawberry, natural and the enormously popular cookies & cream. Combine all of these elements with their affordable prices, as well as a range of available strengths, and you’ve got a contender for one of the best CBD oils around.

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD

CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t like gummies? They’re a delicious treat that people of all ages can enjoy. Additionally, they’re a great way to take your daily dose of CBD while masking any potentially unpleasant hemp flavors.

Penguin CBD gummies are virtually indistinguishable from the real candy. That’s because they use CBD isolate, which minimizes the “earthy” taste often associated with hemp products. Instead, you get a perfectly sweet gummy worm coated in a layer of tangy sour sugar.

There are 30 gummy worms in every jar, with each individual gummy featuring a 10mg serving of CBD. This is one of Penguin’s most popular products, so don’t be afraid to be an early bird and grab some while they’re still in stock.

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD

CBD Capsules

Some people prefer to take CBD in capsule form. It’s not difficult to see why. They’re portable, flavorless and can be swallowed quickly and easily.

Every Penguin CBD capsule contains exactly the same broad-spectrum formula as their oil. You get a perfectly measured 10mg dose inside a gel capsule. No need to mess around with a dropper or wait around with oil under your tongue.

This is possibly the most convenient way to take CBD if you’re always on the go. You can keep some in your desk, medicine cabinet, purse, suitcase, glove box or wherever else you might need it.

Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD

CBD Cream

Skincare is important. That’s why Penguin made their own CBD beauty cream. It’s packed with skin-nourishing terpenes in a luxuriously rich cocoa and shea butter base.

As their customers can attest, the scent of this CBD cream is out of this world. You’ll enjoy the pleasing aroma of peppermint and lavender as its cooling sensation soothes your skin. Each jar boasts 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

Penguin Pack Benefits

Savings, Subscriptions and Discounts

Here’s a tip for the thrifty folks out there: Take a second and sign up with the Penguin subscription plan.

You get a 15% discount on every order, which you can pause or cancel at any time. There’s no contract involved at all. All you have to do is click the “subscribe” button before buying, and then choose which products you’d like to receive on a monthly basis.

Alternatively, if you’re a veteran or an active-duty service member, you might want to check out Penguin’s military discount. You’ll get 25% off of every order upon providing proof of service, which can be applied to any of the products found in their shop.

Shipping and Unboxing

Penguin offers free shipping across the United States. After your order has been processed, it should take only two to five business days to be delivered. Any order placed before 12 p.m. will be processed on the same day.

The best part is when you finally get your order. We don’t just mean finally getting your products. All of their shipments come in their own stylish custom packaging. You know it’s going to be a good day when the blue box with the little penguin on it shows up on your doorstep.

Customer Service

If you’re new to CBD, you’ve probably gotten a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the information and terms you’re supposed to learn. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal. CBD is still a new subject, and many people are only just starting to take notice. Even scientists are constantly making new discoveries about the compound, both how it works and what it’s capable of.

So don’t sweat it if you get confused or need clarification on certain things. That’s exactly what customer service is for.

Penguin has one of the best support teams around. They respond within 24 hours to any emails sent their way, and their representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. They’re dedicated to answering questions, resolving problems and making sure their customers are completely happy.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is one concern that keeps some hesitant customers from taking the plunge and trying CBD for the first time: “What if it doesn’t work for me?”

It’s a fair question. After all, not everybody has the money to burn on something that might not produce tangible results. It’s been tough lately, and frugality has become a necessary trait to navigate through the rough waters still ahead.

Penguin has you covered: They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

That means if their products don’t work for you, they’ll give you a full refund for the order. It doesn’t matter if the product is unopened or has been used. It’s a bold policy, and shows just how much confidence they have in their products’ efficacy.

Join the Waddle

After a year with a lot of ups and downs, and a swelteringly hot summer, we could all use a moment to chill out and relax. That could very well be the reason CBD is having such a big moment right now.

All things considered, Penguin really does seem to be the complete package. Not only do you get premium-quality products at a reasonable price; it also comes backed by credible lab results and world-class customer support. You couldn’t ask for more from a CBD brand.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the waddle with us.